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Protect your phone from dullness

Captive Case carries premium phone cases featuring captivating photography, mesmerizing graphics and alluring art.

Our Customers

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Lifetime Guarantee On All Cases

Made in USA with premium materials for superior quality and durability.

A Case of Inspiration

Our cases are slim, tough, and loaded with personality.

The Case Is Your Canvas

Express yourself. Go bananas.

Our Mission

We founded Captive Case with one simple goal: to let your phone express your passion and your life.

We were tired of lackluster cookie-cutter cases with the aroma of mass manufacturing whose only distinction is the shade of  a particular color.

At Captive Case we carefully curate unique pieces perfectly suited to reflect a zest for life, appreciation of our planet and wonders of the universe.
We focus on items that will get you excited when you pick up your phone because the phone is you!